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We feel very fortunate to have such a dedicated, experienced, enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff team here at Himbleton. Everyone plays an important part in making our school such a special place to be.

Mrs Martin

Mrs Martin is our Headteacher. She is our SENDCo and leads on Assessment, Curriculum and English. She is also our Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Mrs Wallis

Mrs Wallis is our Assistant Headteacher for 2 days a week. She teaches and leads our Early Years class and also leads Science, PSHE and Computing.

Mrs Hedges

Mrs Hedges teaches our Key Stage 2 class – Years 3 and 4. She leads Maths, Music, MfL, RE and Collective Worship. She is also our Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Miss Albutt

Mrs Albutt teaches our KS1 class. She leads PE and Art & Design.

Mrs Beattie

Mrs Beattie teaches our Key Stage 1 class. She leads History and Geography.

Mrs Rose

Mrs Rose teaches our Upper Key Stage 2 class – Years 5 and 6.

Mrs Woodward

Mrs Woodward works in our Lower Key Stage 2 class.

Mrs Griffiths

Mrs Griffiths works in our Key Stage 1 class. She is also our qualified Forest School Leader.

Mrs Ford

Mrs Ford works in our Early Years class.

Miss Main

Miss Main supports in our Key Stage 1 class. She also runs our Breakfast Club provision.

Mrs Wilson-Scott

Mrs Wilson-Scott supports Upper Key Stage 2 Class.

Mrs Langridge

Mrs Langridge supports in Upper Key Stage 2 Class. She also works in our After School Care.

Mrs Marks

Mrs Marks provides sports provision in Key Stage 2 and provides nurture support across the school.

Mrs Stewart

Mrs Stewart is our School Administrator. She works in the office to ensure our school runs smoothly.


If you require any further information, please contact Mrs Stewart, our School Administrator, in the first instance on 01905 391231 or [email protected].